Why a Silver Name Necklace Makes a Special Gift

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It is so exciting to identify a company that begins small, but with determination and talent, grows to success. Even with this success they still carry on and remember and present to others short of funds. PILGRIM is a Danish designer brand producing fashion jewelry and accessories. Every single bit of PILGRIM jewelry is handmade, hand painted and assembled. On all items PILGRIM uses plating with either 925 sterling silver or 16 carat gold. PILGRIM products reflect broad fashion trends with a difference. Crystallized ™ Swarovski Elements , semi-precious stones and glass, natural and freshwater pearls include the stones found in their 100% nickel-free designer jewelry and accessories reference.

Today, the most common necklaces we will be the name necklace. Name necklaces are customized; the designs have evolved over the years. There are simple necklaces that have a name written about it, while you will find types that have charms attached. No longer are necklaces used to just adorn the throat however the length of the necklaces may also go in terms of the bosom. One of the highlights today is the fact that they’re born by both women and men; and it is certainly for all ages.

These are surely unique as you will end up wearing a CD a thief listened to on their own stereo or even in their car. Each individual bracelet is different and also, since they are actually old CDs. There are different colors and some are even hand-painted by artists. They are sized on mannequins and so the fit is correct. The CD bracelets are lightweight, comfortable and simply flat out cool.

Versatility – When you think of skull jewelry, you almost certainly have an image of a large, scary skull embedded with a ring. This, however, doesn’t invariably should be the case. In fact, several people who hate those large designs actually wear these rings. This is because these rings are extremely versatile and, while many people believe otherwise, they’re able to be manufactured in elegant designs. Several people, for example, prefer tiny skulls arranged in a few patterns. Some people also love to wear different varieties of stones, including diamonds, with small skulls embedded in them. These unique styles and options are making skull jewelry particularly popular.

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